A Revolutionary Journey in Hair Transplantation: From Traditional to Neoplatinum FUE

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Back in 2009, we started our journey into hair transplantation using traditional tools such as dental motors and hypodermic needles. For several years we primarily utilized Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). But as soon as we transitioned entirely to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), there were noticeable discrepancies in results between FUT and FUE methods.

No matter our best efforts, reaching our desired hair density remained an ongoing struggle. To identify its cause, we marked each extracted follicle with a tattoo drop and tracked its progress for several months; 18-20% failed to thrive!

At first, our investigative instincts led us towards using histological tissue dye uptake method which determined how long extracted follicles could survive outside their bodies. Much to our surprise, even though all donor area follicles looked healthy initially, examination by histological dye revealed damage in 9-10% of them–even those undetectable by naked eye or microscope inspection–with excessive torque and pressure of our dental equipment being the likely culprits behind such damage.

After making this discovery, we conducted extensive research. After about two to three years, we came up with our own unique motor. Remarkably smaller and weighing approximately 10 times less than traditional dental motors, it exerted significantly less pressure. Over time we also introduced intelligent features;

Sensitive Resistance Mechanism: When our motor encountered excessive resistance, it would halt to avoid potential damage and ensure maximum follicle survival rates compared with traditional methods – this feature called “tripping”, minimized errors caused by technicians or doctors and resulted in up to 12-13% more successful procedures resulting in our success rate leaping to 92-13%!

Refined Graft Holding Solution: At our laboratory, we developed an improved solution using growth factors, pH regulators and energy builders compared with regular saline. This allowed grafts to last approximately three times longer when placed into this more robust holding solution than when exposed directly to regular saline solutions.

These innovations resulted in an outstanding 94-95% success rate and led us to label our system “Neoplatinum FUE,” distinguishing it from conventional FUE systems.

Still determined to close our remaining 5-5% success gap, our focus turned towards improving graft implantation techniques and equipment. After carefully considering all factors relating to implanting grafts using the slit mechanism used by physicians and hospitals worldwide, we upgraded with ultra-sharp sapphire blade allowing closer placements without endangering tissue health; previous methods risked vascular damage impeding growth resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes; our results with sapphire edged closer towards perfection reaching 99-100% success rate!

As part of our dedication to excellence, we’ve revolutionized hair transplantation services so our clients receive only the highest-grade treatments available in this industry.




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