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Are you suffering from hair loss or baldness, leading to a compromised self-esteem and lack of confidence? Don’t worry – NeoGraft Hair Clinic in Chandigarh is here to help. With years of experience and advanced technology in the field of hair transplant, our team of experts offers the very best solutions for your aspired look – and with minimal downtime too! Not only will this give you natural looking results, it also restores confidence and empowers individuals who are facing the challenge of male pattern baldness or severe thinning. Read on to learn more about why NeoGraft Hair Clinic is your best option for a successful hair transplant.

Neograft Hair Clinic is the best clinic for hair transplant in Chandigarh

When it comes to hair loss, finding a trusted clinic for a hair transplant is crucial. That’s why we proudly introduce Neograft Hair Clinic as the best clinic for hair transplant in Chandigarh. Using the latest technology and a team of experienced specialists, Neograft Hair Clinic provides top-notch services and ensures a satisfactory outcome for all their patients. Whether you’re dealing with male pattern baldness or simply want to enhance your hairline, Neograft Hair Clinic offers a range of solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. To achieve the best results, we use the most advanced techniques in hair restoration, ensuring that your hair looks natural and healthy. Trust Neograft Hair Clinic for your hair transplant needs, and experience the confidence that comes with a full head of hair.

Different hair transplant techniques and associated risks

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves moving hair from one area of the body to another. There are two main techniques: FUT (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). While FUT involves removing a strip of skin from the scalp and dividing it into small grafts for transplantation, FUE involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor site using a special instrument. Both techniques carry risks, such as infection, bleeding, scarring, and poor hair growth. In addition, patients should be prepared to take proper care of their transplanted hair and follow the instructions of their surgeon to achieve the best results. It is important to consult a qualified practitioner who can assess your individual condition and advise you on the best technique for your specific needs.  It’s time now to think beyond FUE  and opt for NEOPLATINUM FUE and NEOPLATINUM DHI.

Why Neoplatinum and neoplatinum dhi technique is the best choice for hair transplant in Chandigarh

Hair loss can be a distressing experience, but thankfully, modern technology has given us a solution to this problem. If you’re looking for the best choice of hair transplant in Chandigarh, Neoplatinum and neoplatinum dhi should definitely be on your radar. This innovative technology uses a minimally invasive approach to transplant hair follicles, resulting in less scarring, less pain, and faster recovery times than traditional methods. Neoplatinum and neoplatinum dhi also ensures a more natural-looking hairline, leaving you with hair that looks and feels just like your own. Plus, its precision allows for more number of grafts placement in one session, meaning you can enjoy a fuller head of hair in a shorter amount of time. Choose Neoplatinum and neoplatinum dhi for a seamless, effective, and stress-free hair transplant experience.

Advantages of getting a hair transplant from Neograft hair Clinic compared to other clinics

Are you tired of hiding your hair loss under wigs, hats, or scarfs? Getting a hair transplant can restore your confidence and give you a new lease on life. But with so many clinics offering similar services, how do you know which one to pick? Neograft is a clinic that you can trust. Their technologies and techniques are second to none, and we deliver outstanding results every time. Unlike other clinics that use traditional methods and machines that can leave unsightly scars and require long recovery times, Neograft uses advanced format of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) i.e Neoplatinum and neoplatinum dhi technology that guarantees natural-looking results with minimal downtime. Who wouldn’t want that? Neograft hair clinic  truly stands out in providing reliable, effective, and affordable hair transplant services that you can count here to learn more about our innovations.neoplatinum hair transplant

Before and after photos of patients who have had successful hair transplant at Neograft

Neograft’s successful hair transplant have transformed the lives of many patients who had previously struggled with hair loss. Before undergoing the treatment, these individuals often felt self-conscious and lacked confidence due to their thinning or balding hair. However, the dramatic results achieved through Neograft’s technology have given them a new lease on life. With fuller, healthier-looking hair, we now feel more comfortable and proud of their appearance. Seeing the before and after photos of these patients is truly remarkable and serves as a testament to the incredible work of the Neograft team.

Tips on how to take care of your new hair following a transplant procedure

After undergoing a hair transplant, taking care of your new hair is essential to ensure that your investment results in a full head of healthy, natural-looking hair. Begin by keeping your scalp clean and dry, avoiding excessive sweating for initial 10 days , and wearing hats or helmets for at least 7 days post-surgery. You should also avoid exposing your new hair to direct sunlight or chlorinated water for the first few months. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner and gently apply to your scalp and hair to promote healing and reduce scab buildup. Avoid combing or brushing your new hair for the first week and instead focus on using your fingertips to massage the scalp. Following these tips and staying in touch with your hair transplant specialist can help ensure that your new hair grows strong and thick for years to come.

Some dietary recommendations from our clinic

  1. Increase your intake of protein-rich foods to promote hair regrowth
  2. Eat iron-rich foods such as red meat, poultry, seafood and leafy greens to increase oxygen supply to hair follicles
  3. Include Vitamin C in your diet to help your body absorb iron better
  4. Cut down on sugar and processed food as they can cause inflammation that slow down the healing process
  5. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  6. Consume essential fatty acids like fish oil or flaxseed oil for healthy cell regeneration Increase your protein intake to support hair growth
  7. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, C, and E which help promote healthy hair
  8. Consider taking a supplement that contains biotin and zinc to help strengthen hairs
  9. Include foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, walnuts and flaxseed for healthier scalp
  10. Avoid processed foods with added sugar as they can hinder healing after a transplant
  11. Start using neogrow hair serum and neoone forte capsules for best outcome.

Neograft Hair Clinic is the best clinic in Chandigarh for receiving a hair transplant, providing patients with safe and effective techniques to restore the hair we once had. With the variety of techniques available and the special care given to each patient, Neograft offers something that no other clinic can. Additionally, taking proper post-care of your new hair is essential for ensuring successful results. By following tips found in this article and scheduling regular follow-up appointments at Neograft, you can ensure that your hair remains healthy and vibrant. If you are still thinking of getting a procedure done, now is the perfect time to make a call and take the first step towards getting your natural look back. Pick up your phone now and dial 9041999199 to consult with one of our hair transplant experts!


These videos are live from operation theatre of our clinic. You will come to know the details of hair transplant in Chandigarh, actual first hand experience from the person who is undergoing the procedure. After watching these videos will be able to understand the level of pain the comfort and how the day moves along while getting hair transplant done.

Welcome to Neograft Hair Clinic – The Best Clinic For Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

There are many types of hair problems, yet two important problems are hair fall and baldness. Despite the fact that they are dependent on the premise that baldness promotes hair loss. Hair fall occurs due to many reasons like hereditary traits, dandruff, area changes, etc. Conquering this problem with regular treatment is almost unimaginable. However, if you are facing any kind of hair problem, then rest assured, we have a solution for it. If your hair is falling, then we can treat your common hair problems with medicines. If you are suffering from baldness then we can also treat it using the hair transplant method and we have PRP therapy to control hair fall.

Neograft Hair Clinic has an illustrious record in hair transplant procedures which makes us one of the most “amazing clinic for hair transplant in Chandigarh, dealing with both male and female hair transplant. Neograft Hair Clinic is the most popular name in hair transplant in Chandigarh, providing the most progressive and powerful hair transplant in Chandigarh for past 12 years now.


A NUMBER OF GRAFTS: Next important aspect of hair transplant surgery is the number of grafts. The total number Number of grafts required for hair transplant is calculated based on the size of the bald area, the kind of hairline required, the age of the person, and the total Availability of grafts In the donor area. The number of grafts can vary from as low as 1000 and can go up to 7000 grafts. On average, we need approximately 5500 to 6000 grafts to cover grade 6 baldness. But the number of grafts can be as low as 1000 , as in case of a mild hairline correction. Below I am posting a video link to show the number of grafts required for a full head. Here we have done a full head hair transplant. You will understand the concept of donor area in hair transplant better, after watching this video.

Finalizing the total cost based on the number of grafts is tricky and depends upon many different factors. Of course, the number of grafts is an essential part but you must visit the doctor here at Neograft hair clinic or arrange a video consultation for more information about the best hair transplant in Chandigarh and India. 

Example of approx 2500 grafts grade 2 to grade 3 norwood staging for baldness.


Being the top Clinic for hair transplants in Chandigarh, you will find the best solution for any kind of baldness under one roof. Generally, there are two basic techniques are applicable while hair surgery.  – Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). 

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

  • FUT is a more invasive procedure that requires cutting the scalp skin and then applying sutures to to repair it.
  • FUT technique has now lost its popularity although this was the initial technique to do hair transplant for hair loss in men and women since the procedure started in around 1960’s.
  • In FUT, we slice out the full thickness of the skin layer and then dissect that skin layer under a microscope to take out each follicle from that intact piece of skin. Here at Neograft, we have the best facility to facilitate the FUT. That’s why Neograft is the most reliable choice for hair transplant in Chandigarh. For more information, feel free to reach out to the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh. 


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This procedure is comparatively a recent Innovation and has got immense popularity in the last 10 to 12 years. We take out each group of hair or also called as follicles from the scalp and insert these follicles one by one into the bald area of the scalp. 

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure has got its own advantages as compared to Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure.
  • There is no scarring/minimal scarring in the case of f u e. In the case of fut, there is a big linear scar which is very prominent when you get a short haircut.
  • In FUE hair transplant surgery there are very small scars. Scars in the case of FUE hair transplant are so small that we can safely say, this technique is scarless. As there are no sutures or wounds or surgery involved in FUE hair transplant, so there is no pain after the procedure. The recovery period after FUE hair transplant is very less and merely within two days a person can go back to his or her job. We at neograft are doing FUE exclusively since last 9 years. We have shifted completely from FUT to FUE.
  • Here at Neograft, we have the best facility and staff to perform both of these techniques. To get the details for the procedure, visit our clinic for hair transplant in Chandigarh.


Neo Platinum hair transplant

Neo Platinum Hair Transplantation Technique is a modification to an already existing FUE hair transplant.
How is Neo Platinum different from routine FUE?
1. In routine f u e the process is done with the help of heavy and clumsy instruments, leading to overall slowing of the procedure. Neo Platinum nano motors are designed and modified by Dr. Nav Vikram himself. They are very light in weight 
2. The drill bit used in the neo Platinum technique is made up of very high-quality Titanium metal. Even after extracting 5000 grafts in a single go, the punch retains its sharpness. This ensures that the follicles that we are extracting, are sharply and cleanly separated from the adjoining skin. This improves the overall quality of grafts. As there is no more shredding of tissue and no trauma to the grafts, the lifespan of the graft increases almost three to five times. This results in a better outcome.
3. Holding solution: the solution in which we keep the harvested grafts is a pH-balanced solution, that mimics the pH of the blood, and follicles feel as if they are still surrounded by blood vessels. The overall supply of nutrients and oxygen is maintained intact with this improvised holding solution.
4. Accurate RPM of the Machines: In Neo Platinum hair transplantation the overall rpm of the drilling machine is adjusted according to each individual’s skin. This individualized approach makes this machine more accurate as compared to traditional  FUE machines. This helps in precise extraction of Grafts in a given time without damage to hair roots. 

All in all neo Platinum technique is giving wonderful results as compared to routine f u e. This is only due to Neo Platinum technique that we are able to deliver up to 7000 grafts in a single session to our clients. At last, if you have any queries, then reach out to Neograft, the leading clinic for hair transplant in Chandigarh. 

4. Graft survival rate – We have now achieved 95% success rate with neoplatinum hair transplant. Means that initially in fue we were able to get around 80 surviving grafts out of 100 now in neoplatinum we are getting 100 out of 100 graft survival. 



Neo Platinum DHI hair transplant

As I mentioned in neo platinum hair transplant we were able to achieve 95% success in a transplant for example if we planted 100 follicles, then out of those 95 follicles will survive. As far as the previous FUE is concerned we were not able to achieve results more than 80% results. That is the reason when you see the results achieved by FUE you see a lot of gaps in hairline, the reason being the person who did the transplant even genuinely-placed the required number of grafts but due to procedural damage there was a loss of approximately 20 during this entire process and you can see gaps or overall low density as compared to the total number of grafts implanted. OK as I told you that this 20% loss was primarily due to the faulty extraction equipment, we developed our own neo platinum nano motors which are weighing not more than 20 grams. For every individual client, we use a separate set of motors And and these motors are refurbished after use on one single client. That was the prime reason we were able to achieve better results as compared to traditional FUE. But still, we were lacking at 5% And still, we were looking at a more dense hairline. in neo platinum DHi procedure we introduced two more modifications.

1. We decreased the body out time of grafts to approximately 22 – 25 minutes. So there are multiple sessions of extraction and plantation.

2. we are using a sapphire blade to make slits. These blades are high-precision blades with a wall thickness of around .1 millimeters. Due to this ultra-thin structure of these blades we are able to make micro slits very near to each other. Because there is no collateral damage the follicles implanted in these slits get adequate blood supply from their base and they are able to survive in a better way as compared to routine stainless slits or hypodermic needles used in FUE hair transplant.

The result we are achieving in neo platinum dhi hair transplant are exceptionally good and we are happy to say, that to give better results we need not to over-harvest the donor area.


Shruti BaluniShruti Baluni
03:26 06 Aug 22
Dr Vikram is very knowledgeable and courteous. He guides so well about the treatment required and team explains all well. Very thankful to Dr Vikram and team and fully satisfied with my Beard Transplant. Highly recommended.
S AggarwalS Aggarwal
12:01 21 Jul 22
Successful results, good experience, I am satisfied!I used 3 criteria to choose Neograft:1. Trust in Doctor: Excellent youtube videos made me trust the doctor.2. Involvement of Doctor in Surgery: Very transparent, and the only clinic in Chandigarh where the Doctor is involved in and supervises the Surgery3. Price: Very reasonable. In fact cheaper than the other two.Great experience with staff and regular follow-ups too!The results are wonderful, and I would call my surgery successful!
Lavanya Tyagi 6thCLavanya Tyagi 6thC
05:24 07 May 22
Hi all .. consider this as my genuine experience with this clinic. I was watching their YouTube videos for long and finally I got convinced to get my hair transplant with Dr Vikram. I would say that each and every information provided on their websites or on YouTube is absolutely true. I was operated in the same operation theatre as shown in the YouTube videos. Doctor was available through all the important steps. I was little worried regarding while he was not there. But staff over there is very cooperative and well experienced. I was comfortable after start of surgery within 1 hour. I am happy with my results today and hope this clinic will extend their services in future too. I recommend this clinic to all those who want to Undertake hair transplant
angry birdangry bird
16:03 22 Apr 22
It is an amazing clinic. Trichologist is phenomenal, Amazing staff. The staff is very easy to talk to. They are very respectful. Trust me once you step a foot in the clinic, you will see how amazingly different it is from other hair transplant clinic. I highly recommend Neograft. If you are looking for a hair clinic, you will not find better than this one. They will never disappoint you. Dr. Vikram is an amazing Doctor and knows his work very well.
ashutosh chauhanashutosh chauhan
06:15 12 Sep 20
Best clinic in north India



welcome to neograft hair clinic

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