GFC Hair Treatment

What is GFC treatment for hairs?

GFC stands for Growth Factor Concentrate.

It uses for many purposes like hairs, skin care, wound healing, orthopaedics, cosmetic procedures etc

GFC for hair is a treatment that contains powerful proteins to help hair grow faster and healthier. When applied to the scalp, it supports the hair roots and improves blood circulation, making your hair thicker and stronger.

When should i consider GFC treatment for hairs?

You should consider Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) treatment for your hair when it’s damaged, weak, dull, or needs a health boost. It can repair and strengthen your hair, making it look and feel better. Talking to Dr. Nav Vikram can help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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How GFC therapy is useful for hair loss?

According to Dr. Nav Vikram, Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy is very useful for hair loss primarily because it promotes hair growth and improves hair health through several ways:

  1. Stimulation of Hair Follicles:Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy wakes up sleepy hair follicles, making them start growing new hair. This makes your hair thicker and denser by the time.
  2. Improve Circulation: Growth Factor Concentrates (GFC) improve blood flow to your scalp, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to your hair roots. This helps your hair grow healthier and can even reverse thinning hair.
  3. Hair Follicle Repair and Protection: GFC provides essential nutrients and proteins that repair damaged hair follicles and protect them from further damage, preventing hair loss.
  4. Enhanced Hair Density and Thickness: With continued use, GFC therapy can increase hair density by stimulating the production of stronger, thicker hair strands..

The GFC treatment for hair is often recommended to people who are in early stages of hair loss like stage 1 and stage 2. Sometimes it can depend on many other factors as Dr. Nav Vikram at NeoGraft analyses deeply and then suggests to their patients for best results.

GFC vs PRP : Comparison

GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) are both treatments used to promote hair growth, but they different in their composition and how they work:

AspectGrowth Factor Concentrate (GFC)Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
DefinitionUtilises growth factors to stimulate hair growth and improve hair health.Uses concentrated platelets to promote hair growth and enhance hair quality.
ApplicationCan be applied topically or injected into the scalp.Administered via injections directly into the scalp.
PurposeTreats hair loss, enhances scalp environment, and promotes hair follicle regeneration.Treats hair loss, increases hair thickness, and strengthens existing hair.
MechanismRelies on growth factors to stimulate hair follicle activity and promote growth.Delivers growth factors directly to hair follicles for regeneration.
EffectivenessEffectiveness may vary; it depends on formulation and individual response.Shows promising results in improving hair thickness and quality; effectiveness can vary.
Treatment ApproachCan be used topically or via injections, targeting scalp health and follicle environment.Requires injections directly into the scalp, focusing on follicle stimulation.
CostCan be costly; varies based on treatment plan and formulation.Often expensive; multiple sessions may be needed for optimal results.

In summary, while both GFC and PRP are used for hair growth, GFC focuses on delivering concentrated growth factors directly to the scalp, while PRP involves using the patient’s own platelets to stimulate hair follicles. The choice between the two often depends on individual factors such as the severity of hair loss, treatment preferences, and response to therapy.

How many GFC sessions are needed?

Number of GFC sessions are totally depend on the situation of hair loss. Generally 3 to 4 sessions are enough to maintain hair loss and stop more hair fall. There are several phases that might affect it.

  1. Initial Phase: This is very first phase where hair fall is increasing in early stages then GFC treatments are administered more frequently, such as once every 1-2 weeks for a period of at least 3 months.
  2. Maintenance Phase: After the initial phase, maintenance sessions are usually recommended to keep the results achieved. These maintenance sessions may occur less frequently, such as once every 2 months.
  3. Individual Response: The number of sessions needed can also depend on how well patient’s body responds to the treatment. Some people may require fewer sessions to achieve best results, while others may benefit from more prolonged treatment.
  4. Consultation with a Specialist: It will be good to consult with best hair transplant doctor like Dr. Nav Vikram to get more information and proceed with it.
GFC treatment for hairs NeoGraft India

In conclusion it’s important to follow the advice of your healthcare provider to customize the treatment plan to suit your needs and ensure good results over time.

Can GFC treatment grow new hairs?

No, Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) treatment cannot grow new hairs from entirely dormant follicles where hair growth has permanently lost. It only works to stimulate existing hair follicles to produce thicker and healthier hair.

How much does GFC hair treatment cost?

The cost of Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) treatment can vary widely, usually it costs INR 4500 to 6,000 per session in India but you take a package of 3 sessions then it can cost INR 10000 to 12000 at NeoGraft. However, prices may vary based on the clinic, location, and specific treatment plan recommended by the healthcare provider.



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