Neograft CHANDIGARH HAIR CLINIC has been around since it opened in 2010. We’re right in the middle of everything in Chandigarh. Nearly 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the train station and ISBT separate the Sector 22 location of Neograft Hair Clinic from the rest of the city. Near the Neograft hair clinic, there are numerous high-end accommodations for a nice stay. Because of the adjacent hotels and eating establishments, a wide range of cuisine is available at any time. If you live close to Chandigarh, there’s no need to reserve a room ahead of time. Our clients are free to return to their homes or offices within a 200-kilometer radius of the clinic if they so choose. If you’re travelling from afar or taking a train or plane to Neograft Hair Clinic, we recommend getting a hotel room ahead of time. To make your time at the neograft hair clinic as pleasant as possible, our staff is constantly on hand to assist you.


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Dr Nav Vikram is an eminent name in field of hair transplantation. He developed his passion of hair transplant and microsurgery during his Residency in plastic surgery department at PGI Rohtak. after he started his on Clinic at Chandigarh he has been attending various conferences and workshops across the globe together latest and precyse advancements in the field of hair transplant. Dr Nav Vikram is is graduate and postgraduate from PGI Rohtak and has written numerous papers and has done lot of Technical research in field of hair transplant. he has developed his own neoplatinum modification of f u e technique. with the help of this technique he has been able to do to maximum number of grafts i.e upto 7000 in a single day.
Dr Vikram has modified traditional PRP with his own innovation and has named it neoprp.
Neo PRP is a very well accepted procedure.You can say PRP treatment is now a lunch time procedure. There is no need for supraorbital blocks for anaesthesia as in traditional PRP. NeoPRP takes around 30 minutes. There is no swelling after the procedure and one can resume normal activities immidiately  thereafter.
The graft counter is another innovation designed by Doctor Vikram. As slitting of the recipient area is done completely by doctor Vikram so to make it as precise as possible, he developed a graft counter that keeps adding the number of slits made, incrementally. with this Graft counter chances of any Lapse at the the level of technical staff is negligible. Number slits made by dr vikram should all be occupied at the end of procedure. That ensures transparency At the level of communication between technical staff and doctor Vikram and self.
Dr nav Vikram has developed dermal papilla stem cell stimulation technique. With help of this technique he is ensuring that the follicles implanted with the help of neo Platinum technique have the best chance of survival. At this moment this optional treatment is being offered at the time of Neo Platinum hair transplant but soon, We will be inducting this procedure as part of the standard hair transplant protocol.  

                                                                          ABOUT NEOGRAFT HAIR CLINIC AND MOTTO.


Located in Chandigarh, the Neograft Hair Clinic is India’s most prestigious hair transplant facility. It is home to some of the most well-known hair restoration specialists in the India.

When it comes to FUE hair transplantation in India, Neograft Hair Clinic is the most reputable name in the industry. They provide the most advanced and effective hair transplantation available in the country today. Since its inception in 2010 by Dr. Nav vikram, India’s most accomplished FUE hair transplant artist, the clinic’s reputation has grown to become the only one in the world to have served more than 10,000 satisfied clients from all over the world. He has established a solid reputation in the field of follicular unit extraction due to his realistic and sophisticated approach to the procedure (FUE). It is his extraordinary technique of using similar punches to reduce trauma that not only eliminates damage to surrounding follicles, but it also significantly reduces scarring on the skin as a result of the trauma as well.


We provide hair restoration and transplantation services at a private clinic in Chandigarh, Punjab, India, that specialises in hair restoration and transplantation. Our state-of-the-art hair transplant facility is equipped with all of the necessary equipment and tools, allowing us to complete the procedure quickly and efficiently.

The most recent technological advances are employed.

Advanced techniques are those that are more complex.

Sensibilities in the field of the arts

The ultimate goal is for every customer to be completely satisfied.

The creation of an environment that is both comfortable and hygienic


Dr.nav vikram , the company’s founder and director, is one of India’s most renowned specialist hair transplant surgeons.

As the founder and director of a leading hair transplant clinic in India, he has earned a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional patient care, ensuring complete customer satisfaction, and achieving exceptional results. Patients of Dr. Nav vikram  who is well-known for the authenticity of his work, can rest assured that he will leave no stone unturned in providing them with world-class hair transplantation in India. Considering that a hair transplant is a life-altering procedure and an ongoing journey, he believes that patients should receive the highest level of attention and care throughout the procedure and afterward.


After a thorough examination, our doctors will carefully explain all of the available options and recommend the most appropriate treatment plans to help you achieve the appearance you desire. The importance of each client is recognised, and they are accorded the attention and respect that they deserve. You won’t have to be concerned about your medical information being disclosed to the general public if you choose not to. We adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines in order to encourage each individual to be themselves with us, allowing us to quickly find the most effective hair loss solution possible for them.

Dr. Nav vikram personally selects and trains the surgeons who work at the Neograft hair Clinic in his hometown of Delhi. The Neograft hair Clinic is comprised of some of the world’s most talented and experienced surgeons. Specifically in the field of hair restoration, our medical staff has gained knowledge and experience through the pursuit of consistent results that meet or exceed the highest standards of trust and excellence. As a result of our professionalism and track record, we have gained recognition as a practise with a team of medical professionals who are highly capable and focused on achieving positive outcomes. We are extremely pleased with our achievement.


If you are currently in the process of determining whether hair restoration is the best solution for your hair loss, Dr. nav vikram  and his expert team can provide you with the professional insight you require to answer all of your questions, doubts, and concerns about hair restoration. Several important factors should be considered prior to undergoing a hair restoration procedure, including the possibility of side effects, the cost, and what can be expected from your final results. Our primary goal is to assist you in making an informed decision so that you will be completely confident and comfortable when the time comes to begin your treatment regimen.

To be honest, we completely understand that making the decision to proceed with hair restoration is not an easy one to make. We understand that every client has a different goal or concern, so we recommend that you start with some general considerations.


In recent years, advances in hair restoration techniques have provided patients with a greater variety of options for dealing with their thinning hair. If the patient’s hair loss is severe and they want to achieve a more natural appearance, we may recommend FUE (follicular unit extraction), which has a proven track record of producing exceptional results. This will be discussed in greater detail during an in-depth consultation.

FUE HAS MANY BENEFITS, including the ability to reduce swelling and scarring.

Improve your recovery by reducing localised numbness.

Control the amount of post-operative shedding


The possibility of experiencing minor to moderate distress during the recovery period, which typically lasts 10-12 days, exists. While the hair does eventually regrow, 10-20 percent may take longer to regrow until the next cycle begins, causing the hair to fall out temporarily before growing back in. Every individual heals at a different pace, but in general, the positive impact of hair transplantation can be appreciated approximately six months after the procedure or thereafter.


Simply put, we don’t take any chances when it comes to ensuring customer happiness. We chose FUE hair transplantation because it is the most tried and tested technology available in India. Due to the fact that it is a new and advanced solution to the age-old problem of hair loss, this technology is typically adopted by the majority of hair restoration professionals. Our team is your friend and confidant because of the effectiveness of the FUE hair transplant methodology, which is combined with our extensive experience. We take advantage of every opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of this procedure and provide you with a long-term solution to your hair loss dilemma.

 Throughout the treatment process at Neograft hair Clinic, we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to provide you with the best possible advice and guidance based on your specific needs. We take the time to sit down with you and listen to your aesthetic goals before determining the scope of the restoration in all dimensions. We will also discuss the hair transplant cost in India so that we can determine how we can best assist you in getting treated with the most up-to-date resources available. Aside from that, we will plan ahead of time in order to reduce the number of unnecessary clinic visits and consultations. We appreciate our customers and their valuable time, which is why we provide them with a platform to share their opinions and impressions of our services. You are only a few steps away from having a full head of hair and regaining your lost confidence. Send us a message or give us a call right away to schedule a consultation with us.