When to Start Hair Regrowth Serum After Hair Transplant ?

by | Sep 4, 2023 | hair transplant techniques

Well there are many divided opinions that went to start using hair regrowth serum after hair transplant. As I know according to my experience that hair root starts interacting with the skin within first few hours of transplant. By hair root interaction with the skin I mean that the blood vessels which are present in the skin around the hair root tries to push in healing cells around the hair root so that new blood vessels are created in the vicinity and this new hair root is able to get blood supply in the best possible way for its bright life at this new place. Most of people are worried of applying Hair serums after hair transplant, with a perception that the hair roots are still not strong enough to have a firm holding to the skin, there may be some sort of side effect to these new roots.

Best time to start hair regrowth serum is the day when the dead skin or the crust get removed from top of the planted hairs. I will advise you to use biopeptide hair serum 1ml dose on top of the head twice a day. And the serum which we are applying should not be limited only to the transplanted area, rather than should be spread on evenly on the entire top of the head. This will stop further progression of baldness and hair loss.




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