Derma Roller is a microneedling device which can be used either before using serum or it can be used as a stand-alone therapy. In layman’s term I would like to explain that dermaroller will simply increase the blood supply along the surface of the skin so that there is increased absorption of micronutrients available in the hair serum. Derma Roller can be used even on a daily basis. If Derma Roller is to be used daily then gentle or no pressure should be applied on the handle. If it has to be used twice a week then maximum pressure can be applied to the extent that small bleeding spots may appear. If you are using Derma Roller along with the serum then we have different range of serums and you need to talk to our technical staff regarding the gap between the application of dermaroller and the application of serum.

Derma Roller can be used multiple times depending upon the thickness or hardness of the skin on average a Derma Roller can be used proximately 16 to 20 times. Every time after using Derma Roller wash derma roller in hot water or it should be dipped for 10 to 15 seconds in hot boiling water, than dried and stored. Before using Derma Roller again it has to be sterilized using hot water. One Derma Roller should be used only by a single individual. Cross use of Derma Roller should be avoided.


Dermaroller is a micro-needling device. Derma Roller can be used either individually or as a stand-alone THERAPY.