Premature hair greying.

by | Feb 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hair graying is a natural process that occurs as we age. It is caused by a decrease in the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to our hair, skin, and eyes. As we age, the cells that produce melanin gradually become less active and eventually stop producing it altogether. This results in the hair losing its color and turning gray.This can occur in people as young as their teens or early twenties. The average age for hair to start graying is around 35 for men and around 40 for women.

In some cases, hair graying may be caused by other factors such as genetics, stress, hormonal changes,anemia or vitiligo, medical conditions (such as anemia or thyroid disease), stress, malnutrition, and smoking and certain medications.
If you have concerns about premature graying, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. They may recommend a blood test to check for any underlying medical conditions or vitamin deficiencies. They can also recommend lifestyle changes and treatments, such as dietary changes and vitamins, to help slow down or stop the graying process.

My experience with premature eating is that premature aging is that if we increase if we increase the iron content in the food in the iron content in the food it somehow leads to it’s some how leads to prevention call for further graying of hair . And in certain cases I have noticed and in certain cases I have noticed that it has reversed too.




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