Neoplatinum Dht Compared to Traditional Dhi

Neoplatinum Dhi Compared to Traditional Dhi

Neoplatinum Dht Compared to Traditional Dhi

Title: The Progressive Journey of Direct Hair Implantation: An In-depth Comparative Analysis of Traditional dht and NeoPlatinum DHT

In the realm of hair transplantation, Direct Hair Implantation (dht) has long been a pioneering method, marking a significant breakthrough from the conventional strip method. Traditional dht, while revolutionary in its time, has seen a plethora of modifications and advancements over the years. Among these developments, NeoPlatinum DHT, a technique formulated by the highly experienced Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj at the NeoGraft Hair Clinic, stands out for its advanced, patient-friendly methodology.

The Traditional Direct Hair Implantation Process: An Overview

Traditional dht procedures primarily utilize dental motors for the critical task of hair follicle extraction. While these devices have served the purpose over the years, they can inadvertently inflict a certain degree of damage to the follicles during extraction. This may compromise the vitality of the extracted follicles, thus subtly impacting the overall success rate of the transplantation procedure.

The manner in which the extracted grafts are stored in traditional dht also leaves room for improvement. Typically, these methods do not leverage a regulated growth medium for storing the grafts, a deficiency that may adversely affect the longevity and survival of the grafts.

Furthermore, the tools employed in traditional dht techniques, specifically pen planters, are essentially hypodermic needles designed with a needle-in-needle arrangement. This design doesn’t offer a substantial improvement over the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, which also uses hypodermic needles. The potential issue with pen planters is that they can unintentionally force the graft deeper into the skin, potentially causing unnecessary trauma to the graft and the recipient site.

Even with these drawbacks, traditional dht has managed to maintain a respectable graft survival rate of 92-95 percent, a testament to the procedure’s overall efficacy and resilience.

NeoPlatinum DHT: The Cutting-Edge Transformation of Hair Transplantation

Under the proficient guidance of Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj, NeoPlatinum DHT has brought a new dawn in the field of hair transplantation, introducing several considerable advancements over the traditional method.

Replacing the dental motors traditionally used for extraction, Dr. Kamboj employs nanomotors, a superior technology that delivers precision and delicacy. The nano-scale precision of these motors significantly curtails any potential damage during extraction, thereby ensuring an augmented survival rate of the grafts.

Innovations in the NeoPlatinum DHT approach extend to the storage of grafts as well. This method safeguards the grafts in a specially designed human cell growth culture medium that mirrors the pH of human blood. This unique storage environment fosters graft vitality and maintains their health. Plus, these grafts are kept outside the body for an incredibly brief period of just 10-25 minutes, minimizing exposure and preserving the grafts’ viability.

Another noteworthy advancement in the NeoPlatinum DHT methodology is the pre-slitting process. This is achieved using a sapphire blade, renowned for its precision and sharpness. This technique creates optimal incisions for graft placement, thus minimizing potential damage. Unlike traditional dht, which utilizes planters, NeoPlatinum DHT employs ‘openers’ and ‘graft placers’. These devices are designed in such a way that the hair root is never in direct contact at any point, preserving the integrity of the grafts and maximizing their chances of survival.

The sum of these innovative techniques and meticulous attention to detail ensures that NeoPlatinum DHT offers an impressive graft survival rate of 99-100 percent – a significant elevation from the traditional dht method.

In conclusion, the arena of hair transplantation is witnessing rapid progress with the introduction of avant-garde techniques like NeoPlatinum DHT. This method, innovated by Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj, provides a superior and more effective alternative to traditional dht. It represents the future of hair transplantation – a future defined by continuous innovations that strive to increase effectiveness, precision, and most importantly, patient satisfaction.

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