Why am I suffering from hair loss?

Whether men or women at some point in life we encounter hair loss or hair thinning. Stressful lifestyle, lack of exercise, proper nutrition, skin conditions, genetics, all of these have a role to play while considering a hair loss condition. Being into trichology for last 10 years in my experience most common reasons for hair fall are related to diet and genetics. Improving nutritional value in the food along with a little external report with multivitamins can do wonders for most people.

How to diagnose the reason behind my hair fall?

Although it’s much more valuable to visit a good trichologist or hair doctor for a proper diagnosis. At our clinic, we use different levels of magnifiers to see maximum details and computer-generated images from the scalp. This helps in looking at the real-life condition of the hair and the skin


This is how your scalp looks under a microscope

As a general rule, you must note few points.

  • If you are hair fall is sudden onset and is very heavy like more than 50 hair per day, then there are chances that you are suffering from telogen effluvium are simply said you are suffering from stress-related hair loss.
  • If hair fall is less in number but it is very regular, simple 20 hair per day on regular basis then and there are chances you are suffering either from nutritional hair loss or genetic hair loss.
  • If hair fall is from spots and is excessive, like more than 50 hair per day after few days of their fall you are able to see completely bald spots here and there on the scalp then this is a skin condition and probably you are suffering from alopecia areata or scarring alopecia.
  • If there is no obvious hair-fall but there is gradual thinning and you are able to observe your skin through the hair then this is probably genetic baldness.

If I am suffering from hair loss from where should I start?

As a general rule, I advise first to correct your dietary ingredients. Primarily there should be enough protein intake. I recommend a minimum of 1 gram of protein per kg body weight, it can go up to 1.5 gram per kg bodyweight depending upon physical activity exercise schedule or gym training.

If you are a vegetarian then specifically soya protein, soybean chunks, milk protein in form of casein or whey protein, sprouts can be added to your routine diet to improve and increase the daily protein intake.

If you are a non-vegetarian then protein is the best and 2 to 6 eggs per day are sufficient for a 70 to 75 kg body weight. If you are lean then you can consume whole eggs and if you are obese or have extra fat then egg whites are to be preferred.

Daily intake of biotin, iron in small quantities of vitamin d3 is also so very helpful.

All these ingredients are available in tablet form in Ihair tablet. One tablet per day is sufficient for a person weighing up to 90 kgs.


Introducing your grow pro hair therapy

New grow hair serum is a completely in-house developed formulation. It took almost 6 years to attain a good level of confidence on this combination. There were many clinical trials where different concentrations of the ingredients were used and finally neogrow pro hair serum having a fixed-dose combination of procapil, redensyl, anagain and caffeine is launched. There are few things you must know before using this serum.

  • If you are suffering from seborrheic dermatitis/scalp fungus/Tinea capitis/scalp psoriasis, then additional treatment for control of the concerned skin condition should be initiated along with this therapy. You can book an online appointment by calling at 9041999199. Or you can WhatsApp us your pictures on the same number along with the brief problem your facing. We can guide you on whether this is going to be helpful in your case or not.
  • To get the best results from Neogrow pro hair therapy you must use this is medicine in the quantity of 1 ml on dry scalp and that too you only on top of the head. The sides and back of the head should be avoided.
  • Use of multivitamins along with a good intake of protein is highly recommended while using Neogrow pro hair therapy.
  • Once you have started using this therapy do not abruptly stop its application. There are different levels of strengths you need to switch on to the lower strength with time. Once your purchased level 1 therapy that is with the triple combination you can talk to us and we can guide you further

check real results- same person, same camera, same background at start of treatment when hair fall 120 to 160 hair strands per day in left image and after using neogro pro at 3 months hair fall not more than 9 to 12 strands per day in right image.