• Anxious about potential discomfort during a hair transplant? We prioritize your comfort.
  • Concerned about the clinic standards? Our standards are second to none.
  • Doubtful about the post-treatment outcome? We assure you of top-notch results.
  • Worried about the doctor's experience and qualifications? Our experts are highly skilled and experienced.
  • Seeking solutions that align with your budget? We offer quality service tailored to your budget.

Welcome to Neograft Hair Clinic – your perfect destination for stellar hair transplant solutions. We dispel all your concerns and exceed your expectations.

Dr. Nav Vikram, a well-known hair transplant expert, has revolutionized the industry with innovative techniques like NeoPRP and graft counter. He established his clinic in Chandigarh and attended global conferences to bring the latest advancements to the field. Neoplatinum FUE and dht techniques have redefined hair transplantation and achieved remarkable success rates. His commitment to innovation has gained recognition among peers and patients, making Neograft Hair Clinic the go-to destination for personalized care and outstanding results.

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