Hair Transplant In Punjab

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Hair Transplant In Punjab – Welcome to Neograft Hair Clinic, we are the best and most reputed Hair Transplant In Punjab. Well, all we know is that there are a lot of hair problems but the two most important hair problems are hair fall and baldness these two problems are facing many peoples. If you have a hair problem then rest assured because he has the best solution for your problem.

Hair Transplant In Punjab

Neograft Hair Clinic solves all hair-related problems at the best prices. If you have a hair fall problem then we can solve this problem with the help of medicines but if you are suffering from a baldness problem then the best solution is the hair transplant method. We have an expert Hair Transplant Doctors’ team in Punjab.

Neograft Hair Clinic is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Punjab. With the help of top machinery tools as well as the latest technology, we provide the best services. We provide these services for both men and women. If you want to connect with us and find contact details then the contact details are given here, you can call us at 9041999199 and also drop an email at

What is the Actual Cost Of Hair Transplant?

Well, as we all know that the procedure of each and every surgical procedure is more expensive also including hair transplantation too. The question arises is why all these surgical procedures are too pricey. So, there are several things that are given below:

  • In Hair grafting Surgery the price of the medical device used in surgery
  • Apart from this, the medicines used in pre-and post-care procedures
  • The procedures available through the clinics
  • The experience and reputation of the surgeon, that performs only a surgical procedure.

The actual cost of a Hair Transplant In Punjab is more than Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 Lakh Rupees. The actual cost is decided according to the rate per graft as well as the number of grafts required. Apart from this, the cost is also dependent on the surgeon’s popularity and experience with the same technique and treatment.

Some Information about Punjab:

Punjab is a beautiful city and also it is mostly known for being the land of great saints and fighters. The place of Punjab is a tourist place of Sikhism. It is famous for the holiest of Sikh shrines, the Golden Temple also the Five Takhts of Sikhism are in Punjab. Apart from this, it is one of the most prosperous states. In Punjab, there are five rivers, and that are Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, as well as Jhelum.

The estimated population of Punjab in 2022 is 30.7 million approximately and also its population rank is 16th place in India. According to the population growth rate, it is clear that there are various peoples who have Hair baldness and hair fall problem and needs a Hair Transplant Doctors In Punjab. There are various Hair Transplant Surgeons In Punjab that provides the best services. But, In Punjab Neograft Hair Clinic is also one that provides the best services at very reasonable rates.

Neograft Hair Clinic –  Best Hair Transplant In Punjab

Neograft Hair Clinic has a team of experts and they have several years of experience in this field of Hair grafting we will surely give you the best results. Dr. Nav Vikram is working in this field giving you the golden opportunity, if you are seeking the top and best Hair Surgeons In Punjab then must contact us anytime. The reasons, why peoples choose us as Best Hair Transplant In Punjab are given below:

  • Firstly, Neograft Hair Clinic has advanced technology and tools to do a hair transplantation procedure.
  • Secondly, In our center, you will see the expert and professional staff that provide you complete care and quality treatment as well.
  • Neograft Hair Clinic provides you with a permanent solution and the best natural looking.
  • Neograft Hair Clinic prices are very affordable as compared to others
  • Our treatment is very Safe and Secure
  • Infrastructure is world-class
  • We are providing free online consultation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Ques 1. Who is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Punjab?

Ans. Neograft Hair Clinic is the Best Hair Transplant clinic in Punjab.

Question – Is hair transplant surgery painful?

Ans. No, not at all, because this procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so it results in there is no problem or pain in this surgery.

Contact Details of Neograft Hair Clinic:

Name – Neograft Hair Clinic

Phone Number – 9041999199

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