Eyebrow Hair Transplant-neograft hair clinic

Eyebrow Hair Transplant-neograft hair clinic

Eyebrow Hair Transplant at Neograft Hair Clinic


Eyebrow hair transplant is a procedure that has grown increasingly popular, providing a solution to thinning or absent eyebrows. Neograft Hair Clinic, under the guidance of Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj, has become a trusted name in eyebrow transplantation in India. With over a decade of experience and more than 7000 successful procedures performed, Dr. Kamboj brings both his expertise and a meticulous attention to detail to each procedure, ensuring the best possible outcome for his patients.

What is an Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

An eyebrow hair transplant is a procedure where hair is taken from one part of the body and transplanted to the eyebrows.

Who need an Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

It is commonly sought out by people who have lost their eyebrow hair due to

over plucking,


hormonal imbalance,


medical treatments,

burn injury,

To mention one very important reason is over use of hair removal laser on eyebrows for eyebrow shaping. This is in fact coming up fast. Usually loss of eyebrows will occur after few years of taking laser hair removal for eyebrow shaping. 

The Eyebrow Transplantation Process

Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj at Neograft Hair Clinic typically employs the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for eyebrow transplants. This procedure is minimally invasive and allows for the precise placement of each hair in the direction that matches the natural growth pattern of your eyebrows.

  1. Consultation: This first step involves a detailed discussion between the patient and Dr. Kamboj about the patient’s expectations and desired look. The doctor will assess the patient’s eyebrows and discuss the best approach for achieving their goals.

  2. Preparation: The donor area (typically the back of the head) is trimmed and local anesthesia is administered.

  3. Extraction: Individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area using a specialized extraction tool.

  4. Placement: Dr. Kamboj will make tiny incisions in the eyebrow area, following the natural growth pattern. The extracted hair follicles are then carefully implanted into these incisions.

  5. Post-Procedure Care: Dr. Kamboj and his team at Neograft Hair Clinic provide detailed instructions for post-procedure care. This includes guidance on cleaning the area, medications to take to help with healing and minimize the risk of infection, and when normal activities can be resumed.

Why Choose Neograft Hair Clinic?

Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj and his team at Neograft Hair Clinic are committed to providing the highest level of care and results that are as natural-looking as possible. With a track record of over 7000 successful procedures, patients can trust that they are in skilled hands. Here are a few more reasons why patients choose Neograft Hair Clinic:

  1. Expertise: Dr. Kamboj has over a decade of experience in hair transplantation, and he is continually staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field.

  2. Personalized Care: Every patient is unique, and Dr. Kamboj understands this. Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and goals.

  3. Patient Satisfaction: The clinic prides itself on high patient satisfaction rates. Many patients come through personal recommendations, a testament to the quality of care provided.

  4. Advanced Techniques: Neograft Hair Clinic uses the latest technology and techniques in hair transplantation, ensuring efficient and effective procedures with minimal discomfort.

  5. We are pioneers in developing advanced protocols for eyebrow reconstruction, in some cases we combine microblading and micropigmentaion for creating a base first and than putting hair grafts over it. This gives very natural outlook and natural results.


Eyebrow hair transplantation can be a transformative procedure, enhancing facial symmetry and boosting self-confidence. With experienced professionals like Dr. Nav Vikram Kamboj at Neograft Hair Clinic, patients can expect top-notch care and results that exceed expectations.

Its important to note that after eyebrow hair transplant one need to trim eyebrow hair frequently , reason being that these hair are taken from scalp and their growth rate is fast as compared to the hair that are naturally presnent at eyebrow area. 

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