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by | Oct 10, 2022 | hair loss prevention

Diabetes- how this can affect hair transplant outcome ?

Diabetes is a Metabolic condition Where Either the release of insulin is compromised or the insulin that is being released by the pancreas is not sufficient for the normal body function. Insufficient release of insulin or increased demand of insulin can lead to decreased metabolism of circulating blood sugar End Hence blood sugar tend to go above the normal values of 120 milligram per deciliter in fasting state. Increased level of sugar can have multiple effects on the body Primary effect being vasculitis. Vascularities of small vessels can lead to micro inflammation at the waistboulder level and leading to blockade of these micro vessels. These micro vessels when compromised leads to decreased blood supply to the target organ. The target organ can be hard It can be kidney it can be liver it can be any extremity Like toes thumbs or even the entire peripheral limb. A second aspect of diabetes is that it leads to a immunocompromised state in presence of high blood sugar bacteria or fungus Have higher chance to develop and multiply upon human body this pseudo immunocompromised situation can hamper the healing after hair transplant.

Guidelines for diabetes status before taking a decision for hair transplant .

In general its recommended to keep blood sugar below hb1ac level of 6. Ideal being 5.5. If someone suffering from diabetes with hb1 ac levels beyond 6 , its highly recommended to decrease hb1 ac levels to this level. In some situations we have done hair transplant at hb1 ac even 10. We shifted our clients to insulin for 3 days prior and 10 days after hair transplant. As such I have not seen any infection or any other side effects after hair transplant with even raised levels of blood sugar. Provided blood sugar is strictly managed after hair transplant for approx. 10 days post operative.

General advise to be followed at self-level.

  1. Regular exercise is the key to reduce blood sugar levels.
  2. Regular use of medicine is must. Medicine has to be changed according to blood sugar levels , endocrinologist has to be consulted for this purpose. Once fasting blood sugar levels are around 130, medicine has to be continued at that dosage.
  3. If there is any numbness in feet or hands, it signifies advanced nerve damage and haor transplant must be avoided at this level. Once numbness in tissues start reducing and there is no loss of sensation, that is the right time to get a hair transplant.
  4. Don’t skip any dosage before during or after hair transplant. Its mandatory to carry your own blood sugar monitor and check blood sugar level every 2 hours.

Neodht-best option for a safe hair transplant.

Imagine you are preventing trauma at every extraction point so in case if graft count is 2000, you have prevented trauma multiplied by 2000. A small prevention of collateral injury leads to much better outcome when over all situation is evaluated. Its recommended to choose neodht over any other available technique.  There is speedy recovery and much less side effects.





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