About Dr Nav Vikram Kamboj

About dr nav vikram kamboj

“Dr. Nav Vikram, a distinguished figure in the field of hair transplantation, has revolutionized the industry with his expertise and innovative techniques. With a profound passion for hair transplant and microsurgery, he honed his skills during his Residency at the prestigious PGI Rohtak. Establishing his own clinic in Chandigarh, Dr. Nav Vikram has become a renowned name, continuously advancing his knowledge by attending global conferences and workshops to bring the latest advancements to the field of hair transplant.”

“As a graduate and postgraduate from PGI Rohtak, Dr. Nav Vikram has made significant contributions to the field through his extensive research and numerous published papers. His pioneering technique, Neoplatinum FUE, has set new benchmarks in hair transplantation, allowing him to perform an exceptional number of grafts, up to 7000 in a single day.”

“Innovation flows through Dr. Vikram’s veins as he has developed his own modified version of PRP called NeoPRP. This highly acclaimed procedure has transformed PRP treatments into convenient lunchtime sessions. With NeoPRP, there is no need for supraorbital blocks, ensuring a comfortable experience that takes only around 30 minutes. The absence of post-procedure swelling allows patients to resume their daily activities immediately.”

“To enhance precision during the transplantation process, Dr. Vikram designed the graft counter—an ingenious innovation that meticulously tracks the number of slits made during the procedure. With this remarkable tool, any room for error by the technical staff is virtually eliminated, fostering seamless communication between them and Dr. Vikram, ensuring transparency and optimal results.”

Dr. Nav Vikram’s another  innovative approach extends to his remarkable techniques, Neoplatinum FUE and Neoplatinum dht, which have redefined the standards of hair transplantation. These techniques incorporate cutting-edge technology and specialized tools to achieve exceptional results.

Neoplatinum FUE, a modification of the traditional Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, utilizes advanced nano motors weighing only 20 grams, in stark contrast to the conventional dental motor weighing 280 grams. This significant reduction in motor weight allows for enhanced precision and control during the extraction process. With Neoplatinum FUE, Dr. Nav Vikram achieves an impressive 95% graft survival rate, ensuring the highest quality and natural-looking results for his patients.

On the other hand, Neoplatinum dht takes the innovation even further by combining nanomotors with a sapphire blade. This technique eliminates the use of the typical dht pen, known for its limitations in terms of accuracy and results. The utilization of nanomotors and the sapphire blade enables Dr. Nav Vikram to perform meticulous implantation with utmost precision and control. As a result, Neoplatinum dht consistently delivers exceptional outcomes, achieving a remarkable 100% success rate.

The incorporation of nanomotors in both Neoplatinum FUE and Neoplatinum dht showcases Dr. Nav Vikram’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology for the benefit of his patients. These techniques not only ensure optimal graft survival but also minimize the risk of trauma to the donor and recipient areas. The precision and efficiency offered by these innovative approaches contribute to the overall success and satisfaction of patients undergoing hair transplantation at Neograft Hair Clinic.

With his pioneering techniques and the use of state-of-the-art tools, Dr. Nav Vikram has cemented his position as a visionary leader in the field of hair transplantation. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and achieving exceptional results has earned him recognition among both his peers and his patients.

At Neograft Hair Clinic, patients can expect the highest level of expertise, personalized care, and outstanding results. Dr. Nav Vikram’s transformative techniques, Neoplatinum FUE and Neoplatinum dht, offer a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of hair restoration.

Dr. Nav Vikram’s expertise extends to the realm of stem cells as well. His pioneering technique of dermal papilla stem cell stimulation maximizes the survival chances of implanted follicles using the NeoPlatinum technique. While currently an optional treatment offered during NeoPlatinum hair transplant procedures, it will soon be integrated into the standard hair transplant protocol, further enhancing the outcomes for patients.”

“Through his relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to innovation, Dr. Nav Vikram has reshaped the field of hair transplantation. His remarkable techniques and advancements have not only transformed the lives of countless individuals but have also solidified his position as a visionary leader in the industry.”

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